Saturday, September 3, 2011

You're Just a Daydream Away

This November I will be doing something I never thought I'd get the chance to do.  I get to see one of my favorite bands, All Time Low.  As silly as it sounds, I've been there from the beginning.  And they've been there for me.  When my so called friends abandoned me and I was, for the first time in my life, absolutely alone, Break Out! Break Out! reminded me that someday I would get to leave that messed up town.  Stay Awake (dreams only last for a night) convinced me that I could live my dream, whatever it may be, despite what other people may say or think. And when I messed up, when I felt like I'd made my biggest mistakes, Weightless helped me realize that I may have lost the battle, but I hadn't lost the war. Now that I'm in college, Guts helped me realize that I'm brave enough to do and say damn near anything.
Those boys and their music made me feel excepted, made me laugh, made me dance, and even brought me closer to a friend or two. Some think they've changed now that they're on a larger label, and maybe they have. Personally? I'm proud. I will always be here cheering them on. And in November, I will be standing in the crowd dancing and screaming along to everyword.

Peace, Love, Music<3

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