Friday, September 23, 2011

What Do You Stand For?

The fall from grace is paved with your lies.
Stand strong behind your beliefs, if you can even manage to stand at all.
Tell me now. What do you stand for?
-The Ghost Inside

So, What do you stand for?
Love or Hate
Do you stand for family? For friends?
Do you stand for the truth, or do you decieve and betray those you love with lies?
When everything else falls away, will you have a place to seek shelter, or will you stand on a lonely, deserted island of your own creation?
Do you open your heart or discriminate?
What is important to you?
What will you be remembered for?

Here is my question for you:
What do you stand for?

Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. I would say for the following questions: love, family, friends, truth (even if it hurts, I *really* need cold hard facts) shelter, having an open heart, etc.

    I mostly stand for equality and rights. The rights of workers, women, people of different countries, LGBT, different races, etc. I also stand for better education and art. I could go on for there, but it would definitely be worthy of another post.

  2. I agree with you on all those things. I'm always hoping for a day when there is overall equality and peace for everyone. That may sound kinda hippy-ish but I don't think thats a bad thing at all :)