Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vampire Kisses comes to an end.

Some of you may have read or heard of the vampire kisses book and manga series.  
There are 9 books...

 and 4 graphic novels...

  A few days ago I finished reading the final installment to the book series.  It really took the plot and brought it to a close with a neat little bow on top.  
Where these books the most intellectual and well written books on the planet? No.  But they have a great story line and a strong alternative female main character.  The books were cute and kind of nerdy and absolutely wonderful.  If you are looking for an easy series to read that can hold your interest, definitely check these out. 
I will definitely miss reading new installments of these lovely little books...
Peace, Love, Music<3

Summer Reading Kick Off Party

This past Saturday, the library I have been volunteering with asked me if I would hang out and take pictures for their Summer Reading Kick Off Party.  I happily agreed!
WARNING: This post is very pic heavy!
The day consisted of everyone drawing with side walk chalk (3D and regular), face painting, and clowns. Don't worry, I'll put up a warning sign before I get to the clown pics so anyone who doesn't like/ is scared of clowns can roll right past!
When I first got there, there wasn't much to do so I was told I could just hang out and draw with chalk with two other girls who were volunteering for the day.  I'm glad I did! The twins, Sam and Danielle were super fun and nice.  We ended up having a lot in common (same taste in books and manga and they both are into art and graphic design). 
In order to get the kids interested in drawing with the chalk, we start doodling:
Sam's Owl

Sam's ghost
Danielle & her cat

Finished product

My lovely spider web that got splattered with colored bubbles that kinda look like blood.  haha

My attempt to capture the 3D chalk through the glasses.

Second attempt.
People slowly started to trickle in and things got crazy/ hectic/ fun! 
Here's all the pics I got:

Emma the Teen librarian and one of the "Teen Teamers"

A lot of kids got their faces painted:

Is that not the absolute cutest smile ever?

Here comes the part I promised to warn you about....

During and after the clowns act, things slowed down and all the volunteer and some of the librarians got to chill for a while.....and act like raving idiots :)
A way too zoomed up pic of Emma and I
Sam eating sprinkles because she wanted to...
Danielle eating them because she was dared...
A teen teamer with a clown nose...
then being super creepy with the clown nose...

Danielle and I
It was a lot of work and by the end of the day I was exhausted and horribly sun burnt....
My picture taking hand got more sun than I thought possible..
but I had so much fun!  I got to hang out with some awesome people and do what I love the most, taking pictures.
How has everyone's week/weekend been?
Peace, Love, Music<3