Saturday, July 30, 2011

Exercise My Right to Rock!

Another random list of bands and such! Here we go....

Falling in Reverse
Get Scared
Blink 182
*They are gonna be on tour with MCR, just no where near where I live :( *
Sum 41
Patrick Stump
They might try to tell you how you can live your life
But don't forget it's your right, to do whatever you like, you like
Cause you could be your own spotlight
Taking Back Sunday
Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day!
Peace, Love, Music<3

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Read Me Like A Book

Hello there! I have been quite the boring blogger lately, but hopefully I can make up for it now! This past week, I've been in a reading mood and luckily I had some great books to read. Here's some of the better ones:
Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
I'll admit, I didn't have any expectations for this book. I was pleasantly surprised. This book is witty, funny, and has some excellent satire. It also has a great message about feminism. 

Where she went by Gayle Forman
Okay this book has to be one of my all time favorites. You kinda have to read the first book, If I Stay, to get the full effect, but even if you don't its still amazing. Its definitely a tear jerker, but with a happy ending.

Wanted by Sara Shepard
This is the 8th book in the Pretty Little Liars series. Absolutely fantastic. After reading I didn't know whether to hug this book or throw it through a window! The twist and turns are insane and it leaves you hanging just a little bit at the end.

And last but definitely not least
The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
This book is amazing. Thats right, I said AMAZING! This book brings to life a Steampunk world that is actually believable. If you like steampunk, read this book. You won't regret it!

While we are on the subject of books, has anyone read anything good lately?  Have you read these books and want to discuss them?  Feel free to drop me a comment. (I don't bite)
Peace, Love, Music <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help the helpless

Grrrr. Internet explorer 8 refuses to install on my computer. We've tried everything & it doesn't work. Has anyone else had this problem? Any kinda help you can offer would be amazing & greatly appreciated!
*I apologize the lack of post lately. I will be more productive soon! Until then, virtual cupcakes for all!
Peace, Love, Music<3
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


This isn't really a post, but a mini non post. Just heard what happened in Norway. There are no words for how wrong, sad, and disturbing this is. It breaks my heart, that something so hateful and horrible could happen at all, worse to innocent children. There is something wrong with this world. My thoughts and my heart are with the victims and their families.
Until next time.
Peace, Love, Music<3
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I sing songs about the past...

*Tonight as I sit here watching television with my family I got the notion to sift through a few old ideas I had for blogs. I figured I delete a few, save a few, maybe reword some things here and there. What I found was something that is actually not half bad so I thought, what the hell, I'll post it. Now I will say its a bit dated given that I've already turned 18 and graduated, but the message is still good! Enjoy!
One month. One month and I will be 18. One month and I will graduate high school. There's this huge part of me that's screaming and happy dancing and breaking hypothetical dishes on the theoretical floor (I watch far too many movies). But there in the middle of this huge mental celebration is the overly rational part of me. The part that worries about the little things, makes plans, and fears failure. In other words, the killjoy, no fun, party pooper. And somehow this tiny little part of me manages to completely override the immature, happy dancing part. I stop thinking "Hells Yeah! I'm gonna graduate!" And start thinking "What's your plan? What are you gonna do now that you've graduated? YOU NEED TO PLAN!!" Its amazing how quickly fear can take over. I know I'm not the only senior in the world who worries like this. From the first day of 7th grade till the day we walk across that stage we are forced fed the idea that we MUST know exactly what we want to do with our lives. We need to know what degree, what college, etc. Its overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I know there are those of us who DO know exactly what they want. They know the steps they need to take and they're gonna do it. And that is AWSOME! But I also know there are those of us who just don't know what we want to do. We have ideas, we know what we like but we just aren't sure. Then there are those who have (don't laugh!) DREAMS! Ahh yes, dreams! Those silly things that are generally lost long before we hit our teen years. But there are the few of us, the whimsical, "immature" few that still believe we might actually pull it off. I'm one of those people. Yes I know its hard to believe that the quiet girl just might wanna play guitar & sing in a band! Or be a live show photographer. Or a regular photographer. Or a graphic designer. Or a programmer. So I don't have all the answers! Someday, I will. In the meantime, I'm going to be attending *gasp* Junior College! I'm going to laugh and live my life as it comes and, most importantly, I'm gonna hold on to that immature little kid that screams and happy dances and breaks theoretical plates on hypothetical floors, and dreams like there are no limits, because without that part of me I wouldn't be, well, ME! So to conclude this rant that probably very few people will read I will say just one more thing: don't give up! Not on yourself, not on your dreams, not on anything! Take a deep breath, let it all the way out, stop thinking so much, and smile!
I know its a bit long but I hope you guys suffered through it alright! So here's my question for you: does anyone else feel this way? Lemme know!
Peace, Love, Music<3
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Magic Shades

Ever have one of those days when you feel like crap yet you know there is stuff you have to go do? Usually on these days I don't look my best and I wish I could disguise myself. So what do I do? I wear sunglasses! Because then I'm totally incognito. *I keep tellin myself that anyways ;)*
Here's a few examples of the perfect "Magic Shades"
*All images found on google*
Heart shaped, I need these in my life!
Sorry for the mini/ non post! I'll wow you with something interesting soon!
Peace, Love, Music<3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glow Away

A few weeks ago my friend Hailey and I watched this video and were inspired to make some glow stick art/ photography of our own. To do this you take a camera, turn off the flash, and slow down the shudder speed. You then take some glow sticks, go into a completely dark room and begin! Take a glow stick and make a shape (heart, star, etc) repetitively and take a pic. Here's how ours turned out!

Peace Sign
We also spelt out the alphabet letter by letter, then spelt out our names! Here's mine:

Who knew you could have so much fun with glow sticks?
Peace, Love, Music <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Randomness of the day

Hey there everyone! My day was spent with my friend watching youtube videos and reading quotes. Here are a few of those quotes for you. Enjoy.
*If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
*Whatever you want to do, do it. They are only so many tomorrows.
*If I can't dance, I don't want to be a part of your revolution.
*If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn't know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about. - Gerard Way
*Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain.
*Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Continue to learn.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.
*The closest friends are the ones you'd take a bullet for, but they're the ones you constantly feel you could put a bullet in, as well.
*Dreams don't always have to exist while the sun is down and your eyes are shut.

Yes they're kinda random, but hey what can ya do? :)
Peace, Love, Music <3
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reading Reality

Usually when I'm in a reading mood (which is always) I pick up a few fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction books.  But a few books have led me to branch out a little.
First is the Elemental Encyclopedia of 20000 Dreams
My aunt is a frequent shopper of thrift stores and the like and found this little gem and figured I might be interested. I was thrilled when she brought it by. I love dream analysis and try to learn as much about it as possible.
I'm also trying to learn a bit about astrology and tarot card reading (yes its random) so if anyone could recommend any books on those subjects it would be fantastic!
Another book I'm reading my was through is This is Gonna Hurt by Nikki Sixx
Yes, I know, its Montley Crue, some people love em some people hate em. I'm really indifferent about their music but this book is pretty inspiring. I won't lie, I'm a fan of the "hit rock bottom, lost my way, found it again, worked hard, fought like hell, and now I'm a better person because of it" kind of story. This book has that, but it also holds a lot of Nikki Sixx's photography. Music aside, it's obvious that the man's a pretty good photographer. That's another reason I'm liking this book. Give me anything about photography and I'm one happy camper (I did do my junior year research paper on civil war photography, after all). Add a little music or rock n'roll to that and I'll read the whole thing in a few hours.
Here are a few photos from the book:
*I do not own these. Found on google.
Strange? Yes but amazing.
*Also, I don't know if I've metioned this before but if you are interested in photography or just like photography, definitely check out Jeremy Saffer. Great photographer.
That's all for now! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Peace, Love, Music<3

Monday, July 18, 2011

What am I to say?

Hey there! Everything's been pretty quiet round here. Our air conditioner is finally fixed!*woot* I seemed to have acquired another follower! That brings me to a whole 7! Squeeeee! Welcome & I'm glad you guys are interested in my ramblings! *Hugs*. That's all for now! Over & out!
Peace, Love, Music<3
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's classy

After reading a post by Kitty Lovett (I can't get my link to work, grrr), I wanted to post a few quotes and such about having class. Before that I would just like to say this: I am far from perfect. I curse, I laugh at dirty jokes (you know you do too!), and sometimes, as my Nana would say, I let my mouth over rule my ass. But I always say "please", "thank you", and "excuse me", I respect my elders, I dress appropriately, I don't sleep around, I smile at everyone I can no matter what mood I'm in and I always, ALWAYS apologize when I make a mistake or am in the wrong. All I can do is hope that those around me find that classy. What are your opinions about class? Lemme know!
Now onward to the quotes! :)
*All quotes found on google or Tumblr. I do not take credit for them!
*If Cinderella can get her Prince Charming without taking her dress off, then so can you.
*Success should be measured by the amount of people you help.
*Remember every picture you post online today, will be seen by your kids someday.
*Show love, ignore hate, take correction, believe truth, have fun, make memories, take notes, read quotes, change lives, give thanks. (Don't know if this is class but I love it...)
*Practice random acts of intelligence and senseless acts of self-control.
*You can pay for school, but you can't buy class.
Hope you all enjoyed this post!
Peace, Love, Music<3
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

It's time for another random music post! Let's do this!

The Cruxshadows
I've just started listening to them and so far I'm lovin it!

Panic! At the Disco
The Downtown Fiction
How many times can you look me in the eye, tell me everything is fine, when I know its not? I don't even know what I should say now I can't speak. I am such a Freak.
Four Year Strong
Hot Chelle Rae

And lastly, someone I truly look up to....
Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel, like you less than fuckin perfect!
That's all for now my lovelies!
Peace, Love, Music<3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hell is what you make it.

I usually try not to rant too much on here but this cannot be helped! :p
Today it was 105 degrees outside with a heat index of 110. So what do we do? Have a garage sale! Bright side? We got rid of A LOT stuff we didn't need . Down side? I'm sun burnt. Again. But hey, at least my tans even. *sigh*
And, drum roll please, our air conditioner needs free on. So, although it still works, it cranks out very little cool air into the house, leaving the entire place at a chilly 89 degrees. I'm pretty sure I'm melting. *fake faints dramatically*
Until next time my lovely readers!
(Welcome back to the old ones, hugs to the new ones!)
Peace, Love, Music<3
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just another trip to the funny farm

Don't you just love when you have something organized and stuff to do, then all the sudden your crazy, redneck, "eccentric" extended family shows up and turns your whole damn world upside down? Well that's what's happening right now. And now nine kinds of hell is bout to break loose. And all I can do is sit back & watch the fireworks. *le sigh* I'll let ya know how this goes down.
Peace, Love, Music <3
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tonight, Tonight

 Hello there! So last night my three friends and I went to see Hot Chelle Rae, The Downtown Fiction, and We the Kings live in concert. (Yes, I listen to some very popish music sometimes). It was 102 degrees outside, even at 6pm. Having gone to other concerts at this venue we were well aware of its lack of any air conditioning so we planned ahead. Not wanting to get to hot but still look cute, I went with pigtail for my hair, black and pink tanks, shorts and converse.
When we arrived at the venue, we took some pictures together before the scorching heat made us look like we just ran a marathon in the middle of the desert while wearing a snow suit (yeah it was that hot..)

We are the poster children of maturity!
We listened to the opening act, Action Item, and realized they were actually quite good. The guys walked around after their set and talked to us, along with alot of other people. One of them (I can't remember his name. I feel so bad...) was very sweet and took a picture with us.
 We then watched Hot Chelle Rae's set. I was really looking forward to seeing them and they did not disappoint!
Next up was The Downtown Fiction. Another amazing band (although I will admit it was a bit akward when he started moaning into the mic....)
Finally it was time for We the Kings. I have been a huge fan of theirs for a long time and I was apsoluely thrilled being able to see them live for the first time.
His hand says Love
Needless to say this was one fantastic concert. Yes it was hotter than hell. Yes we were sweaty hot and dehydrated. Yes my legs and back still hurt from standing on concreate floors. But I got to see one of the many bands that inspire me to write music. I got to dance with my best friends. I made memories that I will remember for years to come. In other words? I had a really great night! :)
I'm never goin down, I'm never givin up, I'm never gonna leave, so put your hands up, If you like me, then say you like me......
*All these photos were takin by me and belong to me. Please don't steal them. If you would like to reblog one or two that's great but please link back to me. Thank you :)
Peace, Love, Music <3

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photography nonpost...

Today my schedule is packed with doing.....absolutely nothing! So here's a little photography picspam for you viewing pleasure! You may not know this about me but I am an aspiring photographer.
*Also, if there is anything in particular you guys wanna see on this blog, feel free to leave me a comment! Plus I just like hearing from you guys :)
**All images found on google unless stated otherwise.
There is just something about this photo that I love. I guess because its not staged or posed. Its more real.
I would love to do live concert photography like this.
Now a picture I took at a Never Shout Never concert a while back. Its not the best shot of him, but I love it because I caught it just as a girl in the front made a heart with her hands.

Thats all for now!
Peace, Love, Music<3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Concert Review: Tonight Alive, Before Their Eyes, Breathe Carolina, FTSK

Ready for another concert review? Of course you are! Lets get started.
On April 6 Hailey and I went to see Breathe Carolina and Forever the Sickest Kids.
It was unusually hot for April. This was made worse by the fact that the venue's only air conditioning was 2 ceiling fans.
Pre concert Photo.
The first band to play was Tonight Alive. I had heard of them but never really listened to them.
They were great. The music was wonderful and I became a quick fan.
We were later able to meet the lead singer. She was very sweet and stopped to talk to us for a little bit.
The next two bands to play were This Centry and Before Their Eyes. Both bands were entertaining, but I wasn't able to get good pics.
Pretty soon Breathe Carolina took the stage.
They started the show by completely blacking out the house lights, then entering the stage to flashing lights and screaming, moshing fans.
This has to be one of the best performances I've seen in quite some time. Even though everyone was hot and uncomfortable, we moshed like nobodies business.
Next up was FTSK
By this point we were exhausted but we still danced and screamed along to the lyrics.
I have seen them live many times (as you already know) and this was definitely the best so far. It was a smaller venue and more intimate.
After the show we were tired, sweaty, aching, and brusied but happily so. :)
*My prom was two days after this and I was still proudly sporting the bruises. lol*
Hope you enjoyed this little post and have a wonderfully magnificent day!
Peace, Love, Music<3