Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Will Not Bow

Band list time.  This little grouping has some heavier bands, maybe next time all acoustic?We'll see...
Here we go....
Born of Osiris

Breaking Benjamin

Eyes Set To Kill


Lamb of God


Set Your Goals
Stray From The Path

Suicide Silence

The Devil Wears Prada

There you have it!
Peace, Love, Music <3

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Art of Breaking

Some random pictures from Google and Pinterest.


Peace, Love, Music<3

Gone So Long

Hello there! Its been a while since I last posted. I've been pretty busy with school starting back up, but I'm back and even have some new ideas to throw at you guys :)
First I'll catch you up on whats been going on with me (because I know that you are just dying to know, not).
I've four new courses this semester, Composition II, Academic Strategies, Government *sighs with boredom*, American Pop Culture.
The class I'm really excited for is American Pop Culture.  The professor is really cool (a self proclaimed product of the grunge era) and this is our text book...
Oh, how excited I am to read this!
Now enough about me. Lets talk blog :)
I have some new ideas in the works. I'm going to throw a few out there and you guys tell me what you think.
1. I'm thinking of making little mini list of authors that I enjoy (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post).  I may also start doing reviews of books after I read them.
2. I've been really into street art and graffiti lately, so I was thinking a few post about different types and some of the greatest street artist.
3. I'm thinking some informative little things about some of the photographers, in the music field and in other fields.
4. Song of the Week. This would be whatever song I've been obsessed with during any given week (kinda lame, but I like it).
I'm also working on more band list for you guys.  I would love, love, love it if you guys might recommend some musicians I should look up and list.
I feel like I babbled throughout this post, but that's okay. 
More interesting post to come, promise!
Peace, Love, Music <3 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Shufflin, Shufflin, Yeah....

Saw this little meme floating around blogger and thought I'd participate!
List the first 100 songs that play when your Ipod on shuffle.(This has the potential to be embarrasing!)
I'll bold the songs that are my favorite.
  1. Escape the Fate- City of Sin
  2. Mayday Parade- If You Wanted A Song Written About You All You Had to do Was Ask
  3. Attack! Attack!- Stick Stickly
  4. Owl City- Vanilla Twilight
  5. The Flatliners- Carry the Banner
  6. Finger Eleven- Them Vs. You Vs. Me
  7. Carter Hulsey- Before We Go Down 
  8. Flight of the Conchords- A Kiss is Not a Contract
  9. The Downtown Fiction- Freak
  10. Jimmy Eat World- Futures
  11. Lifehouse- Easier To Be
  12. Brad Paisley- All I Wanted Was a Car  *country goodness*
  13. Boys Like Girls- Someone Like You
  14. Melee- The War
  15. Mark Wills- 19 Somethin' *more country goodness*
  16. Avril Lavigne- Stop Standing There
  17. The Rocket Summer- Pull Myself Together (Don't Hate Me)
  18. Will Smith- Switch
  19. Howie Day- Collide
  20. Chiodos- Intensity In Ten Cities 
  21. The All American Rejects- Time Stands Still
  22. Killswitch Engage- Break the Silence
  23. HIM- Behind The Crimson Door
  24. Silverstein- Bodies and Words
  25. The Misfits- Hatebreeders
  26. Fall Out Boy- XO
  27. Taking Back Sunday- Head Club
  28. The All American Rejects- The Wind Blows
  29. Four Year Strong- Love Song (Sara Bareilles cover)
  30. Saosin- You're Not Alone
  31. Hellogoodbye- Here (In Your Arms)
  32. The Cab- Disturbia (Rihanna Cover)
  33. Usher- OMG
  34. Sum 41- Dear Father
  35. Pierce The Veil- Currents Convulsive
  36. Escape The Fate- Ashley
  37. Nickelback- Someday
  38. Breathe Carolina- Take Me To Infinity
  39. The Rocket Summer- Tara I'm Terrible
  40. All Time Low- Let It Roll
  41. Katy Perry- Firework
  42. The Lonely Island- Who Said We're Wack?
  43. Silverstein- You're All I Have
  44. 3 Doors Down- You're Arms Feel Like Home
  45. My Chemical Romance- I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
  46. OneRepublic- Stop and Stare
  47. Silverstein- Sound of the Sun
  48. Tim McGraw- Back When  *super country goodness*
  49. The Devil Wears Prada- Escape
  50. Green Day- Are We The Waiting
  51. OK Go- Do What You Want
  52. All Time Low- Walls
  53. OneRepublic- Apologize
  54. The Cure- Primary
  55. Cute Is What We Aim For- Time
  56. Bread- He's A Good Lad
  57. Gym Class Heros- Cupid's Chokehold
  58. Attila- Another Round
  59. Forever The Sickest Kids- The Party Song
  60. All Time Low- Damned If I Do Ya ( Damned If I Don't)
  61. The Real McKenzies- Droppin' Like Flies
  62. Plain White T's- Meet Me In California
  63. Taking Back Sunday- Carpathia
  64. Bullet For My Valentine- Hit The Floor
  65. Hellogoodbye- Touchdown Turnaround
  66. Craig Morgan- Redneck Yacht Club  *mo' country*
  67. The Fray- You Found Me
  68. Falling In Reverse- Tragic Magic
  69. Death Cab For Cutie- Soul Meets Body
  70. Motionless In White- City Lights
  71. Flyleaf- There For You
  72. Seether- Like Suicide
  73. Angels & Airwaves- Rite of Spring
  74. Ke$ha- Kiss N Tell 
  75. Uncle Kracker- Smile
  76. Icon For Hire- The Grey
  77. Motionless In White- Count Choculitis
  78. Anberlin- Blame Me! Blame Me!
  79. A Day To Remember- Holdin' It Down For The Underground
  80. The Ready Set- Upsets and Downfalls
  81. Sparks The Rescue- Hello Mexico
  82. Bankerboy Jesus & His Ponytail- Vocal Test
  83. Taking Back Sunday- You Know How I Do
  84. The Maine- Identify
  85. Ray LaMontagne- Hold You In My Arms
  86. Alice In Chains- Black Gives Way To Blue
  87. Silverstein- True Romance
  88. The Maine- When I'm at Home
  89. Bury Your Dead- Fever Dream
  90. Mayday Parade- When I Get Home, You're So Dead
  91. Avenged Sevenfold- Welcome To The Family
  92. A Day To Remember- If It Means A Lot To You
  93. Linkin Park- Leave Out All The Rest
  94. Good Charlotte- Little Things
  95. Gretchen Wilson- All Jacked Up   *crazy country*
  96. Three Days Grace- Riot
  97. Simple Plan- Welcome To My Life
  98. My Chemical Romance- Summertime
  99. Cage The Elephant- In One Ear
  100. Four Year Strong- It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
Not too bad of a list, if I do say so myself.  Yes, I like country and boppy pop music. It is my secret addiction.
Hope you enjoyed!
Peace, Love, Music<3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rite of Spring

Band list time! Here we go:
*I do not own these bands, these lyrics, these pics, etc.*
Angels and Airwaves
The summers gone, the years have passed,
My friends have changed, a few did last
the smallest dreams got pushed aside
The largest ones that changed my life
Holler at your boy
From First to Last
Icon For Hire
I'm gonna burn this theater down
and pray to God for the strength to help me face the crowd
I wanna live like I lost the script and scream every line
Like "This is it!"
Motion City Soundtrack
You're only as tall as your heart will let you be
and you're only as small as the world will make you seem
So when the going gets rough and you feel like you may fall
Just look on the brightside
You're roughly 6 feet tall
The Maine
The Ready Set

Yet another list of awesomeness!
I had a thought earlier. What if I made a list of authors and books that I enjoy in the same sort of fashion that I do these list? Would you lovely individuals want to see something like that?
Peace, Love, Music<3

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fearless Friends Tour 2011

This being the beginning of 2012, I thought I'd post the concert review I meant to do, you know 2 weeks ago!
*Warning: Pic heavy!*
On December 11, 2011 Hailey, her boyfriend Dillon, her brother Cameron, his girlfriend Rachael, and myself went to see the Fearless Friends concert.
Hailey, Me, and Rachael
Dillion, Hailey, and me
When we got to the venue there were two lines wrapping around the building, one for those who had tickets already, and one for those who didn't.  It was insane! I've never in my entire concert going experience see that many people crammed into this particular venue. The place was packed!
The first band to play was Chunk! No Captain Chunk! Sadly, we didn't get to see them too well because we had just got in the building and were literally trapped in front of the merch tables.  I don't have any pictures of them from the show so here's one from google:
We finally became mobile between sets and found a good spot near the back, where we watched the next band, Tonight Alive. Hailey and I had seen them once before and they did not disapoint!

While it was packed, the crowd remained fairly tame. This all changed with the next band, Motionless in White.  Now, many of you know, I love this band (my review of them is my highest rated and it makes me so happy!). However, Hailey wasn't the biggest fan.  Luckily, seeing them live made her truly like them. Mission Accomplished! Here's a few pics from their set:
Immaculate Misconception middle finger salute

My favorite pic

They were amazing live! The crowd went balistic, surfing, moshing, and doing what we coined "The Wall of Death".  Now I'm always game for a good mosh pit, however, I didn't want to die, so again we stayed back. (Inadvertently witnissing what will forever be known as The Man Boob Mosh Pit - name courtesy of Cameron.)
Next was The Word Alive:

"Come at me bro!"

Finally, BlessTheFall played.  What was really cool, was that they had some kind of problem with their van and had to race to make the show. They could have bailed on the show, but instead they ran like hell to make it. I admire that kind of dedication.
They gave one of the craziest, most intense shows I think I have ever seen. There were a good twenty stage divers and had a fun game of "come kiss elliot" where girls could jump up on stage and kiss their bassist. It was hilarious!
Here's some pics:

Beau and one of the stagedivers
and another stage diver

It was an amazing show and I'm so glad I got to see it with some of my favorite people!
I hope you guys don't mind all the pics, I just love to post as many as I can!
Hope you enjoyed!
Peace, Love, Music<3