Sunday, September 11, 2011

All the World will Shine

With all that's been going on recently, its hard not to realize how much as changed. We were babies amazed by the littlest things. The world had a magnificent shine. We grew to children where we understood more than before but things were still easy. We would wave to people in the car next to us. Say hello to everyone we passed in the grocery store. We made best friends with the simplest exchange of words. Now? Most people can't see the simple beauty around them. We avoid strangers. We hide behind our cell phones to avoid talking to anyone at the store. Its hard to make a close friend after years of being broken and burned by others. Its all so different. But not always. Every once in a while, we stop and notice the changing leaves in the fall. Someone in the car next to us smiles and we return it. We makes small talk at Walmart. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we make friends with just a few words. We have someone in every part of our life and we don't feel so alone. And we have one good friend that is not going to burn us, is not going to break us without a thought. We are human. We are broken. But we all still have that happy, easy going child living inside us. Life is still beautiful. And the world still has its shine.
Peace, Love, Music <3
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