Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight

First off, I would like to welcome my new followers, one being Alternative Ivy! I always enjoy meeting people with similar music taste! :)
Now today I thought I'd do my usual music rundown, but with a twist. I'm going to try and list bands that span as many genres of music as possible. It'll be a big mixing pot of music! So lets get started!
Let's start off with some calm acoustic-ish music that makes me wanna sway:
Ray LaMontagne
Chase Coy
It's the way that you talk, that you laugh, that you smile.
If beauty was inches you'd go on for miles.
It's the way that you make everything seem worth while
the second that you say hello
Now maybe a little Country..(yes I like country, don't judge)
Lady Antebellum
Hello world, how ya been?
Good to see you my old friend
Thompson Square
I love her hair.
Now some things to make you laugh....
Flight of the Conchords
You gotta check these guys out. You will not stop laughing!
Andrew Jackson Jihad
First heard their song Lady Killer at one of my friends brothers bands shows. Absolutely Amazing. 
Now a little mainstream....
Bruno Mars
Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like pickin up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
Cause today I don't feel like doing anything
How about some post-hardcore? (Again, don't judge :p)

Attack! Attack!

Of Mice and Men
Interesting tidbit: Both bands were started by the same guy. This guy was also fired from both bands. (or so the google tells me)
And finally, some Rock....
Foo Fighters
Sixx A.M.
They don't even know you
All they see is scars
They can't see the angel living in your heart
Let them find the real you buried deep within
Let them know with all you've got
That you are not your skin
And their you have it! Hope everyone enjoyed this post and has a wonderful day!
*Also, today is the very last day to vote in my poll! So go vote, vote, vote for the band you wanna see reviewed!
*P.S. I would absolutely love some Music recommendations of any kind. Please and Thank Ya!
Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. Yay me .. I've only heard of the Foo Fighters xP

    I've never music savy, but not really in those fields. I'm making a list of bands I listen to, but I haven't gotten around to finishing it.

  2. The Foo Fighters are great! I'm glad I had one you recognized!
    My friends and my mom have been a huge factor in me discovering different genres and bands. (Until I was about 12 I only listened to country and pop *shudders*)
    And thats awesome! I will definitely have to check out your list! :)