Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello darlings! I had an amazing post in mind for you today but a few things came up that got in my way. Hopefully I will have it finished and ready to go tomorrow! The reason I am slacking is I haven't been felling very good lately. My ears have been kind of achy but I blew it off as allergies. Well this morning when I woke up, I couldn't hear anything out of my right ear! I went to the doctor, who informed me that I have a 100 degree fever and one of the worst ear infections she has ever seen.(That tidbit was just oh so comforting, not). I am now on some antibiotics and have a follow-up appointment in a month so they can run a hearing test. This is very disturbing to be, seeing as my dreams, and therefore my sanity, depend on my hearing! Ever seen a deaf lead singer/ guitarist in a band? Yeah didn't think so.... Anywho, I refuse to focus on the worst possibility! I'm just going to continue to work on getting my drivers license and providing you with interesting, mind blowing post!(Right...again does anyone actually read this? Send up a smoke signal if you do!) Hope you all have a wonderful day and night!
Peace, Love, Music <3
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