Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First Concert (kinda)

Here's my first installment of band/ concert reviews! And what better way than to start with my first real concert? (I saw Hilary Duff when I was ten but I don't usually mention that so shh.....)
This concert was the day before Thanksgiving 2009 and I was a very last minute affair for me.  My friend ended up with an extra ticket and I asked me to go with her only 2 days previous.  I was more than a bit excited since AAR is one of my favorite bands and has been for a very long time. I had heard Anberlin and TBS before and knew that this concert was going to be amazing. When we got to the venue, me, my friend and her brother hit the merch tables before merging in with the crowd. Anberlin was up first and they gave a wonderful performance and sparking my interest in their music. (I'm a huge fan now, although I prefer their older stuff.) After their set my friend and I stood to the side and tried to cool off a bit.  We soon got a phone call from her brother saying we needed to get to the merch tables in the side bar.A bit confused, we headed that way. This is when we met Anberlins guitarist.
Joey Bruce and I
Excited and hyped up on adrenaline, we ran back to the stage to see Taking Back Sunday. I have to say they are one of my favorite bands to see live. They are very energenic and keep up a witty banter with the crowd. Soon after them, the All American Rejects took the stage.
We were pretty far back, but you can still see Tyson striking a silly pose in this photo
I was thrilled. We jumped around and screamed along to the lyrics (although he changed the words up a few times, for reasons unknown). About half way through there set, we received another text. Get over here if you wanna meet Adam Lazzara from TBS. Needless to say, we ran like hell. Not wanting to seem like stalker fans, we gave him his space and let him talk to a few other concert goers. As soon as he wasn't busy, we casually aproached and asked for a picture. He was very freindly and was more then happy to take a picture with us.
Me, Adam Lazzara, Hailey
We caught the last of the rejects show, then made our way out of the venue. I was exhausted and sweaty but happier then you would believe. This may sound a bit cheesy but this concert confirmed my dream of working in the music business. I will never forget that night. I'm so glad Hailey had an extra ticket (and that her brother let us know everytime he saw a band member. Thank you Cameron!)
Peace, Love, Music<3

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