Friday, June 3, 2011

On movie days and hand me downs

Hello my large group of followers *slaps knee in laughter*! Things have been pretty quiet lately. I'm currently working my way through my driving manual so i can at some point in the very near future get my licence! In the meantime I will be going to see the Hangover 2 on monday with my friend Hailey and will hopefully have a review up here at some point. Also, in news that made me jump for joy like a little girl, my friend recently recieved some wonderful hand me downs from her cousin. How does this apply to me you ask? Well my friend, being the lovely individual she is, recieved a few Coach purses she just doesn't think she'll ever use, therefore, passing them down the line to me! Which means I will be getting a COACH purse without having to sell a kidney to get it! Yes I know, I know.  Dont be a brand whore, but I just cant help myself! The preppy girl that is buried deep inside just can't let this opportunity pass! I will also post a few pictures of those darlings as soon as I get them! Thank you for listening *reading, listening, same thing* to my rambles!
Peace, Love, Music <3

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