Friday, November 18, 2011

Holding It Down For the Underground

Hello my dears.  I haven't had a lot of post lately but I am back with a bit of free time and a concert review in the works. 
But first, I need to make a little post on some irritating stuff entitled:
Shit That Makes Me Mad
(Classy title, no?)
First lets start with something that I just saw on Rants from a Fan Girl's blog.
Watch this video.
May I say that this is bullsh*t?
What happended to our right to free speach?  Sure there are people who download movies and music illegally.  It happens.  Does anyone actually believe that this will stop them? The people who are gonna do it will do it nomatter what.
And why this? Of all the things they could make a law for the internet about, they choose this?
What about cyber bullying? Where's the law for that? For kids (and adults) tormenting and verbally abusing others to the point that people commit suicide?
There is so many other things they could be focusing on to improve our world and they choose this.
Our loyalty lies where money sleeps.
And people are worried that our generation will mess things up?
I suggest they take a long hard look at the one that raised us.
*This is not aimed at anyone in particular, just a statement*
This has been my rant for now.
Peace, Love, Music<3

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