Friday, November 25, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Being the nerdy little Twilight fans my friends and I are, we decended upon the local theater friday night to see Breaking Dawn. 
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I would like to say we were not amonst the many that waited in line all day and night to see the first showing at midnight, we went at 7 pm that evening.  As per usual, Hailey, Reso, and I went, along with Reso's 2 roomates, who were crazy and awesome like I'd hoped.
We had to wait in a short line and were prepared with cards.  We played BS, although we had to change the name to "candy corn" when the small children around us started asking their parents what BS meant (thats us, corrupting the youth of tomorrow).
When we finally got seated we watched previews (and may I say that when the Hunger Games comes out I will prob be one of the nerds there at midnight, don't judge) before the movie started.  We made our bets on how long it would take Taylor Lautner to take his shirt off (10 seconds, Hailey counted).
I will say this was definitely my favorite enstallment of the twilight movies.  I don't know whether it was the new director or the fact that Kirsten Stewart found herself a personality (you have to admit she had a bit of a monotone before, but I like her now!) but the movie just had a better atmosphere and quality. The graphic scenes were done tactfully, although I giggled like an idiot through the awkward parts.  Overall the movie was great and I'm pretty excited for the next one.
For those of you who saw it,
What did you think of Breaking Dawn?
Peace, Love, Music <3

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