Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fun

Sorry I'm so late with my Halloween post.  I got sick then I went to the All Time Low concert (pics and review to come) and I just haven't had time! But better late then never, right?
I spent my Halloween watching the Scream movies with Hailey.  Although we didn't go anywhere, we still dressed up!  She was a raccoon and I was a devil. :p

Don't you just love my devious neon green heart socks?
Then Hailey wanted to pose with her raccoon collection.
We watched the second and third Scream movies.  If you haven't watched them, you definetely should! They are scary as crap (I think anyways) but are still funny (especially when you have your friends brother sitting there making comments like "Oh no! Its locked!" and "Falcon Punch!" the entire time.  Oh the inappropriate laughter).

My mom and I went after Halloween shopping (doesn't everyone?) and found some great stuff.  I'll have a post about that later too!
So, how was everyones Halloween?  Any interesting stories?
Also, I would like to say Welcome to my new followers! Up to lucky #13 now!
Peace, Love, Music<3

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  1. Awesome, I love hanging out with friends around this time of the year! We held a fan-tastic Halloween bash (silly Tenebris still needs to upload photos) and it went quite well. Not perfect, but it still exceeded my previous thoughts.