Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reading Reality

Usually when I'm in a reading mood (which is always) I pick up a few fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction books.  But a few books have led me to branch out a little.
First is the Elemental Encyclopedia of 20000 Dreams
My aunt is a frequent shopper of thrift stores and the like and found this little gem and figured I might be interested. I was thrilled when she brought it by. I love dream analysis and try to learn as much about it as possible.
I'm also trying to learn a bit about astrology and tarot card reading (yes its random) so if anyone could recommend any books on those subjects it would be fantastic!
Another book I'm reading my was through is This is Gonna Hurt by Nikki Sixx
Yes, I know, its Montley Crue, some people love em some people hate em. I'm really indifferent about their music but this book is pretty inspiring. I won't lie, I'm a fan of the "hit rock bottom, lost my way, found it again, worked hard, fought like hell, and now I'm a better person because of it" kind of story. This book has that, but it also holds a lot of Nikki Sixx's photography. Music aside, it's obvious that the man's a pretty good photographer. That's another reason I'm liking this book. Give me anything about photography and I'm one happy camper (I did do my junior year research paper on civil war photography, after all). Add a little music or rock n'roll to that and I'll read the whole thing in a few hours.
Here are a few photos from the book:
*I do not own these. Found on google.
Strange? Yes but amazing.
*Also, I don't know if I've metioned this before but if you are interested in photography or just like photography, definitely check out Jeremy Saffer. Great photographer.
That's all for now! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Peace, Love, Music<3

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