Friday, August 10, 2012


This past week has been insanely busy!
Monday I went shopping with my mom to get some new jeans and such for the upcoming school year (yes i still go back to school shopping with my mom, don't judge) and found my new favorite shirt
On Wednesday I went shopping with Hailey for boots and found these lovely's
They make me about a half inch taller, but they are so cute I don't even care,
Then on Thursday, I went to see House of Heroes, William Beckett, HelloGoodBye, and Relient K with Hailey, Reso, and Dillon, where we met up with a few other friends.

We also got to meet the guys from House of Heroes! :)

I had a lot of fun with my friends, and all the bands were amazing!
More to come!
Peace, Love, Music<3

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