Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Help Wanted!

As I was looking at my "List of Bands and Musicians" today, I realized that I'm beginning to run low!
Here is where you can help!
I had to use this one, it's seriously the greatest thing ever :)
If there are any bands, musicians, DJ's, composers, or overall music genres that you would want to see on this blog, whether it be in a list or a review, etc, drop me a comment on this post (or any post)!  Any suggestions would be super appreciated!
Hugs and cupcakes for all!
Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. how about a top ten list of songs you like listening to in the summer time...

  2. Yeaah! ^ And also indie/alternative music if you're into that kind of stuff :)

  3. Both are really good ideas! Thanks :)