Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paper Walls

This past week, I've been doing some redecorating and rearranging in my room.  I had an issue with my books and cd's multiplying and exploding all over the place!  So my mom and I assembled a new cd shelf and moved my old one next to my book shelves so I could have 3!
Here's the results:
My new combined shelves! (yes i put my Frankiestein doll next to my Frankenstein book like a good little nerd)
My old third shelf newly loaded.
And the Cd shelves!

After all that was done, I decided I would collage an entire section of my wall with posters!
This picture has a bit of a glare but good color...
Less glare! 
After I took these pictures, I added a new poster, so I just took another one of the top row.
I love the way it looks now!  It was a little difficult getting things to line up and overlap perfectly, but I'm really happy with the result!
Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. luv home decor its always fun

  2. There's something interesting about looking at other peoples' living spaces ..

    And yes, home decor is quite fun!

  3. For people like us who love books and movies and music, there are never enough shelves :)