Sunday, May 20, 2012

My 19th Birthday

Last Sunday (May 13th) was my 19th birthday!
The night before my friend Hailey and I went to see the movie Dark Shadows.
It was such a good movie!  It had it suspenseful "scary" moments, but it was also pretty funny as well!
Afterward, we went back to Haliey's house where she gave me my birthday present which I LOVE!
A book of Edgar Allen Poe's greatest works and a t-shirt that says "that shit cray", probably because I have a tendency to call people cray cray a lot..... :p
I spent my actual birthday with my family!
My presents from my mommy and nana! (yes my shirt says "We Bring the Mother Fucking Heat".  I'm classy like that!)
My cake

My cake with my Draculaura doll (aka my new tradition)
Bout to blow out the candles
I was trying to look scary with the giant knife we used to cut the cake.....
Anywho, about a week before my birthday I got part of my present in the mail.  It was a necklace that my Nana had ordered for me.  
These necklaces are made by Jonathan Cook, the lead singer of Forever The Sickest Kids (my favorite band ever) and the proceeds go to good cause.
Then, about 2 days after my birthday I got my last present:
The New Years Day fan pack!  I'm not gonna lie, I totally nerded out when I got it!  It came with a shirt, their new EP, a necklace, a signed poster, temporary tattoos, Hollywood Waste stickers, and a mask hand painted and signed by the lead singer. 

I had an awesome birthday with my amazing friends and family!
I hope everyone is doing well!
Peace, Love, Music <3

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