Sunday, October 23, 2011

What a busy little Random bee!

First off, sorry I've been such a boring blogger lately.  With school and everything, I've been too busy and, lets face it, brain dead, to create a coherent post.  So I will compensate by telling you about my Saturday night!  Hailey and I went to see her brothers band Streetlight Hero play at a bar called Eclipse (it was a sketchy little building, but the inside was amazing! The walls were completely covered with murals and other paintings were propped up everywhere.).  The band started their set and where doing fantastic. There was a thunderstorm moving in and as they finished their first song, there was an insanely loud clap of thunder, which was followed by a random man yelling "Jesus is here!"  They got to the point in their show where they have two people from the crowd come up and play the shaker and the tambourine.  Since I am always sitting with Hailey and her family, I felt pretty safe that I wouldn't get picked.  I was wrong. Very very wrong. I was picked and told to get my ass on the stage (feel the love :p ). I was terrified because, despite my occasional bravado, I can be very shy.  Thankfully, Hailey was there to document this moment of silliness. Enjoy!
Me being an awkward turtle :p
On the ride home, we jammed to some hits from the 90's, including the Macarena, which of course we danced to!
It was a pretty great night overall. 
Hopefully insiration will hit me over the head with a frying pan soon (theoretically of course) and I will have an amazing post for you guys!
Until then;
Peace, Love, Music <3

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