Friday, October 7, 2011

Heart Song

We are not the same. We have the beats we dance to and no one else can hear them. Our hearts sing a song that tells our story. No one knows it is there, playing softly in everything we do. Others only see our skin, hear our voices. They do not see the kind hearted man beneath his tattooed skin, the doting mother inside the pink haired girl, the immense strength within the smallest child, or the wild dreamer that thrives in the quiet studious girl. They do not hear the cheers of happiness, the screams of anger, or the sobs of sorrow. Each morning we turn down the volume on our hearts song until it is but a whisper within our own minds. We guard it, protect it, keep it as safe as possible. And when we meet people who can hear it without trying, who hook up headphones to our hearts and listen with rapt attention, we become scared of what they will think, believe, or say. Then, as we sit worrying, we hear a whisper, a melody just barley audible and we realize that it is their heart song, turned up just loud enough for us to hear. It is then that we discover what this exchanging of harmonies truly is. It is Love. It is Love.
*This my own creation. Please do not steal*
Peace, Love, Music<3
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