Sunday, October 2, 2011

Early Celebration

I've really been in the mood to bake lately, and when I had the opportunity to make a Halloween cake, well I couldn't pass it up! ;)

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Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. OMGoth is that by any chance the Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake mix?! If not it looks just like it :) I'm planning on using it to make some cupcakes for a bake sale I'm helping with next week. Now I'm going to hound you with questions ;)
    How does it taste? What does it taste like? Please be (u don't have too ^.^) Was the time given on the box pretty accurate to how long it actually took to bake? They didn't skimp on the icing or sprinkles? I'd be very upset if I was short some bat sprinkles -_- hahaha (Baking has become a new hobby of mine. I'm baking my family out of house and home it seems lol)
    -Kelli <3

  2. It is the Halloween funfetti! I couldn't pass up giving it a try :)
    It taste great, sweet but not too sweet and it turned out really moist. The baking time was pretty acurate despite the fact that our oven can be quite moody at times!
    As for the icing and sprinkles, there was plenty of both (although you can never have too many bat sprinkles ^.^)
    Overall, its a great mix! It should work perfectly for a bake sale! Good luck!