Thursday, September 27, 2012

Philbrook Trip

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the Philbrook museum for an assignment I needed to complete for my Art Appreciation class.  We had to pick one piece of art that we couldn't live without, write down the information about it, and write a paper.  I have some pretty good ideas about what I want to write about, one being these awesome little cameras:
While there, we ran into one of my friends/classmates and he walked around with us for a bit before he had to leave.  The guy seriously knew all this interesting stuff about the place and made it sound interesting.  I was just amazed with some armor they had hanging up!
Pretty nifty, right?
When you go outside to the garden, you forget that you are even at a museum.  It's so beautiful!  Here is a full view of it and the back of the building from google:
And here are some pictures I took with my phone!
The gazebo
Me in the gazebo
Me being a dork among all this beauty

My week has been so insanely stressful, but this was honestly one of the best moments.  I really had fun with it.
Hope everyone is having a good week!
Peace, Love, Music<3 

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