Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So, I really haven't been on my blogging game recently.  I've had a lot going on but I am back :)
Here's what I've been doing:
In June I went to see Nickelback, Seether, Bush, and My Darkest Days with my mom.
Before The Concert
During the Concert.
The concert was amazing (I'll post more pics later) and I had such a good time with my momma :)
It was my first large stadium concert and I was blown away by the show the bands put on! (Hint: lots and lots of fire :p)

I also went to see ISeeStars and The Word Alive with Hailey, Cameron, and his friend Billy.
It was at this ridiculous venue that none of us had ever been to and had noooo idea what would be like.
This place was way out in the sticks and the building itself was, as determined by Hailey and I, a warehouse barn thingy (very technical terms here, try not to get confused :p).  There was no air conditioning (something we've dealt with before) and the tall grass you hiked through to get there left you covered in stickers.  The sound was not good and at one point they lost power to the stage and I think half of the building as a whole. When we watched ISeeStars, they did well and one of there crew members legitimately held up there lights, one in each hand, for the entire show so that some of their effects could still be used.  We didn't stay for The Word Alive because we were all hot sweaty and exhausted.
Me and Hailey:

The outside of the venue:
It was a hectic crazy and strange night but I still had a good time with my friends.
We also went to see Magic Mike a few weeks ago.  I'm not even going to comment....

In other news, tomorrow night I am going to see Forever the Sickest Kids for the 5th time!  What makes this even more wonderful is that it is being held in one of my favorite venues that was shut down for a while but has now reopened!  I'm so happy about this, I don't even have words. :)

I hope everything is going well with everyone! 
To my new followers (30 now, I can't believe it! You guys are amazing and I love you!), welcome to the madness!
Peace, Love, Music<3

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