Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I See Stars and The Word Alive Concert.

Back in June, my friends and I went to see I See Stars and The Word Alive at a venue none of us had ever been to before (as mentioned in an earlier post).  Let's just say it didn't go as planned.
The venue was a warehouse with no air conditioning and two garage style doors open on one wall.  After the first band played (I have no idea who they were, I think they were local though) and we had had the sun beating down on our backs for a bit, Hailey and I hauled butt to the car to pull our hair back & change to tank tops. (Never again will I go to a possibly boiling summer concert without a spare tank top in my bag).  On our way back to the building we realized that we were covered in stickers from the grass we walked through.  We did find the time to snap a quick picture before we were completely sweat soaked.

When we got back we watched Crown the Empire, who was actually pretty good.  

I thought it was kinda cool that they dressed up a bit, but I kept hoping none of them would pass out in the heat.
After their set, Hailey and I went outside to wait for I See Stars to play.  I took the opportunity to take a picture of the building.
While we were outside and another band played, something got unplugged and the sound was affected, they lost electricity to the stage, and I believe they lost power to part of the building as well, but I'm not positive.  All the commotion caused the band to cut their set short and at this point, a lot of people left.  We stuck around in hopes that things would improve.
There was still a lot of technical difficulties and the band ended up relying on "stage sound" (oh the many terms I learn from Hailey's brother Cameron).  They either couldn't get the lights to set up or work properly so one of their crew members held up their lights for them the entire time, as you can see below.
The guy in the middle is a stage diver mid jump.  There was a guy before him (I'm not sure during what band) that dove off into the worlds smallest mosh pit and landed on his face. We were worried until he just got up and started dancing again...

The light guy was a real trooper!

 The crowd was really small, and at one point the bands (clean) vocalist said that it was pathetic how the music scene had deteriorated, not taking into account that a lot of people had just recently left.  He later said that we were an amazing for such a little crowd.

The performance was amazing as usual and we had a lot of fun.  We did leave shortly after because we were all so tired.
I had a really great time with my friends despite the less than awesome circumstances.
Oh! Also, we saw the booty short crew there as well.  You may be asking yourselves, what is that?  Well it is this group of guys that we see at almost every concert we go to and they ALWAYS wear booty shorts.  It's both hilarious and somewhat terrifying!
Peace, Love, Music<3

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