Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Attila Concert

Notorious hate group Westboro Baptist Church has announced their plans to protest an Attila concert on July 23, 2013 after lead singer Chris Fronzak called them out in the bands song "Callout".  In the song, Fronzak states:
"Hey westboro basptist. 
Fuck you too, come and protest this dick. 
The song is off the bands new album "About That Life"
In response, Westboro posted several tweets stating their intentions:

The tweets were accompanied by this lovely photo:

Fronzak and the band responded with their own tweets:

I cannot wait to see how this goes down. This is gonna be one hell of a protest!
Being a christian, I CANNOT stand Westboro.  They give baptists and all other christian's a bad name.  What these people do is nothing but pure hate and absolutely unacceptable. 
Give 'em hell boys!!
Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. I'm so sick of Westboro Baptist church. The only reason they do what they do is for the money and attention. To be honest I would walk right by them, not even give them the time of day, because all they want is more media coverage and money. They could be using their time and money to help people, and instead they choose to stand around and hold up signs just to make people upset. If Westboro thinks anyone at Warped Tour will actually listen to them and take them seriously, they need to think again!

  2. Well... Attila DID ask them to protest...

    Still, this is hilarious. How ironic that WBC would fall for a troll's trap... when they in fact are trolls themselves.

    If anything, we should sit back and laugh. Attila's doing just that. Let 'em have their fun. :)

    *NOTE: Honestly, this is a breather. At least they're not picketing a funeral. Thank the superior being(s) for that!*