Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm baaaack :)

I'm alive! I know this is shocking based on my lack of post.  I'm going to try and get a few done today as a bit of a catch up.
We'll start with a small update, because I know you all are just dying to know about my exciting life! *sarcasm*
For Easter my momma got me a Ouija board that glows in the dark!
 I'm very excited about this!
Yesterday, I got my hair cut.  When I got home with it I was ticked because the lady cut my bangs really weird, but after some quality time with my scissors, I think I fixed them up pretty well.
I actually really like this picture for some reason.
I'm not too fond of this one, but at least you can see all my hair!
And finally, this Sunday (tomorrow night) I'm going to see Chelsea Grin, Attila (so freakin excited to see them I could jump around like a giddy school girl), Chunk! No Captain Chunk, and For the Fallen Dreams with the usual suspects :)
On a random note, the weather here has been INSANE and it appears its gonna stay that way for the next few days.  Last night had some pretty crazy thunder storms, but tonight is supposed to be extremely bad, thunder storms, large hail, and extreme intense tornadoes.  I'm not a fan of storms, so this freaks me out just a bit.  Hopefully everyone is just overreacting!
Thanks to everyone who is following this blog (26!!! of you beauties) for sticking with me despite my sporadic posting. I love you all!! 
Until next time,
Peace, Love, Music <3

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