Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Here is all the happenings of my Christmas this year!
First, I've already made a post about my Christmas party with my friends, but I never got to show the awesome presents I recieved!
The socks, make up bag, and tattoo finger mustaches were from Reso
The scarf (made out of a tshirt), lip balm and necklace are from Hailey.
better view of the necklace
Now, on to Christmas Eve and Christmas day!
Here is our Christmas Tree:

More pictures!
My mom, nana, and me
My Nana and I
My Mom and I
On Christmas eve Hailey and her mom brought us some goodies including these adorable cake balls on a stick
Soon after, me,my mom, and my nana opened the gifts we got each other:
I got some very much needed shelves and hooks for my room, a trash can that says rock on and such, 2 framed music pieces for my wall, and the cutest peace sign tubs. Also some music frames, nail polish (glow in the dark!) and lots of duct tape! I have an addiction.
Plus the books Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon (greatest comedian ever) and the Black Butler, along with the CD's Neighborhoods by Blink 182, Pioneer by the Maine, and EndGame by Rise Against.
Lucy loves to unwrap presents!
Then on Christmas Day we did our "Santa" gifts (yes we still do the Santa thing, don't judge)
Lucy and her new bone!
My goodies. New bright colored make up I've been wanting and MORE DUCT TAPE (i cannot tell you how happy that makes me!). I also got lots of candies that I didn't get pictures of.
We ate dinner and hung out and watched movies. I love Christmas with my family!
Hope everyone had a good holiday!
Peace, Love, Music<3


  1. Oh! You don't know how envy you! hehe I bet that you have a great time. I spend my Christmas with my family too, but I think that is very chaotic, something it's fun xD
    Nice blog!

  2. Cool stuff :D
    The large palette of eye shadow is great! :)
    Sorry for my english :D